Thanks again for making great equipment.  It’s the best investment I ever made !!!  (KZG Evo III’s, XSC Wedges and H370 Hybrids) 

 DA -  Brampton Oct 2019

It didn't take long to get used to how far I can hit the pitching wedge with accuracy but the 56 and 52 degree (KZG XRS Wedges)  took about a month to get comfortable with and now that I have I absolutely love them!!!!

I am now shooting consistently in the mid to high 70's thanks to my new irons and wedges that you expertly crafted to my swing, I have absolute confidence every time I swing with them.

Just wanted to thank you again.


LL - Ottawa Sep 2019

I just wanted to let you know that the new clubs  (KZG H370 7 hybrid and 8 hybrid) are working really well for me.  I am still a bit uncertain with their distance but they really are wonderful from 110 to about 135(ish).

They are very high and most times very straight.  They have taken several scary shots out of my bag and head - I am extremely confident with them in my hands.  I will be coming back next year to ask for a 9.

Even my new putter grip makes me feel more confident - thank you very very much


CS - Ottawa Sep 2019

"Just wanted to let you know that I love my new irons!!!!!  It has been years since I have hit irons this well.  I shot 75 on Friday, 79 on Saturday, 81 on Sunday and 79 yesterday.  The confidence I have now in swinging these new irons is everything. (KZG HPS irons)


LL - Ottawa Aug 2019

"A quick note to let you know that I have played 3 rounds so far with the new driver and shaft that you installed and I’m 100% satisfied. Great service and quality of work as usual. Thanks again."


PB  - Ottawa July 2019

"Love my 4-wood!! (KZG GFX) "


PK - Smith Falls Aug 2019

"A short note to let you know how very happy I am with your artistical creations i.e. my clubs. Best fitting golf sticks I’ve ever had thank you."


DV  - Ottawa May 2019

“Further to my call of last Friday, I just want to say again how much I am liking my new set of clubs (KZG LDI irons).  I have now played 3 rounds since picking them up, and I am really impressed with them.  You told me that one of the things I would see with the irons would be that they will get the ball up very quickly.  Were you ever right. The ball comes up high and long – which is a bit of a good problem to have J.  I would say that I am seeing about a 15yd per iron increase in length, and much better forgiveness when you mis hit a bit.  The new 4-wood is amazing. (KZG XLF)  Again, very forgiving if you are not quite on the ‘sweet spot’. 


I am so very glad that I decided to go with a set of clubs from you. The feel, the look and the craftsmanship are all excellent.  My only gripe is that I should have done it a few months earlier


Thanks again."


R.S. - Ottawa, October 2018”

"Don, Having spent the month of February South gave me the opportunity to try my new set of clubs. I must admit that after reading all those wonderful testimonials on your web site, I was a little sceptical as to what to expect on my numerous outings with these new clubs. I must admit although we played several different courses, I managed to play within one or two strokes of my regular game. As the weeks went by and I became more familiar and comfortable with these clubs, my game improved by at least four to five strokes. Therefore, I must admit that a proper fitted set of clubs adapted to my individual swing has made a huge difference not only In my game but in my confidence out on the course. I also want to say that the new driver and three wood feel like a pendulum swing with the weight on the head therefore increasing my swing speed without forcing the clubs. Thank you Don for making the game most enjoyable again and removing most of the frustration I was experiencing."


  JPC - Ottawa, May 2018