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What our Customers are Saying:

"new LDI irons are working great. I have more distance as you promised and more accuracy. I liked my old KZG irons*; but these are definitely better for me. Thanks." RR Ottawa [June 2018] (*Evolution Irons purchased in 2004)

"I would like to thank Don and Pauline for taking care of our club fitting needs last fall (2017) for both myself and my wife. I was fitted with KZG LDI irons and woods and my wife was fitted with new woods. We are both enjoying the quality and results achieved from these new clubs. It is comforting to know that we now have the best match of clubs to golfer available on the market. In my case I have gained at least the equivalent of one club length in distance as well as improved accuracy. We would not hesitate to recommend the Artisan club fitting service to anyone in the market for custom fitted clubs. " - D&M Ottawa [June 2018]

" Don, today I played my sixth game this year, in between the rain, high winds etc., with the new LDI irons you fitted me for. I am extremely pleased with them. I really like the Accra 40i shaft for its lightweight. Going on 80, I need all the weight down where it matters most, at the head. I believe KZG has a winner in this line of irons. Again, thank you for the excellent service and the quick turn around. " - LC Greely [May 2018]

"Don; Having spent the month of February South gave me the opportunity to try my new set of clubs. I must admit that after reading all those wonderful testimonials on your web site, I was a little sceptical as to what to expect on my numerous outings with these new clubs. I must admit although we played several different courses, I managed to play within one or two strokes of my regular game. As the weeks went by and I became more familiar and comfortable with these clubs, my game improved by at least four to five strokes. Therefore, I must admit that a proper fitted set of clubs adapted to my individual swing has made a huge difference not only In my game but in my confidence out on the course. I also want to say that the new driver and three wood feel like a pendulum swing with the weight on the head therefore increasing my swing speed without forcing the clubs. Thank you Don for making the game most enjoyable again and removing most of the frustration I was experiencing. "  - JPC Ottawa [May 2018]

" ...the new KZG irons you built for me are just so awesome on the course it's amazing. They feel so stable and solid. They really helped me post some good scores this fall and get my index moving in the right direction again after a disappointing year. I really do love how they feel and the confidence they inspire... "  - PB Ottawa [November 2017]

"After being a client of Don’s for many years, I read with interest his article in Flagstick magazine in regards to putters and why we should each be professionally fitted for one. My fitting was comprehensive and thorough….who would think so much went into choosing a putter! But, as they say the proof is in the pudding and what a difference it has made in my game! My only hesitation is be careful on your pocket book…as this one cost me not one putter but two as my wife wanted a new one too! Thanks Don for your time and sharing your knowledge…love the putter "  - RH Ottawa [September 2017]

" Just a quick update on the new KZG putter I purchased a little while ago. I have played about 12 times with the new KZG putter and I am extremely pleased with it. My percentage of short putts, where I had been struggling with my old putter, has gone way up, along with my confidence. The putter fitting that you did was also very valuable, it showed how I tend to align myself left off the hole and my stroke tended to be cutting across the ball a bit. That info, along with practice, has helped my putting as well. Twice now I have made six pars in a row and the putter is a big part of it, also I hardly ever 3 putt anymore. Thanks Don! " DG Ottawa [September 2017]

" I am adjusting to the new driver and like it. What it really helps me do is focus on balance and tempo follow through. all good and necessary for me. It keeps me far more in play and I am pleased. " IG Ottawa [September 2017]

" New Clubs. Well that was fun! Went from your place to the range and my immediate impression was...wow! My first three shots I made solid contact, the club felt good...smooth. It went down a bit after that as I wasn't always making good contact. But overall very impressed. As improvement continues I will keep you posted. " EE Ottawa [May 2017]

" Thanks Don. I played today and absolutely love my new driver (KZG GFX). Many thanks! " EP Ottawa [May 2017]

" I purchased a KZG GF4 Driver over nine years ago. I have been to several club fittings since that time and each time I was told that they could not improve on the performance of my KZG driver. I also have KZG woods in my bag. I recently visited Artisan Golf to check on how my seven year old 5Wood is performing. Again it's performance could not be improved upon with any of the new technology available. KZG clubs stand the test of time. I have a single digit handicap and I am very pleased with my long lasting KZG woods." WB Ottawa [April 2017]

" I purchased a set of [KZG] XCB irons and XRS wedges from you guys and can honestly say that part of my game has drastically gotten better " JC Ottawa [February 2017]

" I really enjoy playing golf with my new HPS clubs. They are very forgiving and inspire great confidence. I particularly like the double white lines that frame the ball on set up. I did hit a 38 and a 39 on the front nine on two occasions as well as an 80 for 18 & that was a great round for me! Should have been 79 - but I missed the putt,,,, I firmly believe that these clubs will significantly reduce my handicap. I also love those XRS wedges - boy, are they ever accurate! Hit, bounce, stop! These HPS clubs & XRS wedges are the best I have ever owned or hit, period! The problem of course is still me ...although I did have to have a private chat with my 7 wood (a little fade was getting me into trouble) and told it to straighten out otherwise it would find a new residence in the garage, Since that chat I have noticed that its performance has improved, remarkably! The fella holding the club has also slowed down his speed to let the club do the work! Thanks very much, Don, Beautiful clubs. Difficult to be a sand-bagger with them " RH Petawawa [July 2016]

"I have been doing very well with my new irons.. Have had some great scores and surprising shots. " - BJ Ottawa. [June 2016]

"Just a note to let you know that I love my new clubs. " - JPL Ottawa [June 2016]

"We went to the driving range today and each hit a bucket of balls. We were both very pleased with our clubs with improved contact and trajectory over our old sets. My driver hits in particular were hanging in the air for what seemed to be a longer time and I was able to work them from fade to draw (most of the time). The irons were easy to hit and after few shots I was dead on target most of the time. The 2 fairway metals were also easy to hit and when I hit a draw they appeared to have good distance. My wife was making great contact almost all the time and her shots had nice trajectory. I think she was getting extra distance on all of the clubs based on where her shots were landing vs my high irons. So, over all we are very happy with our new clubs and looking forward to Florida with enthusiasm. We really appreciated the time and effort you put into ensuring you got a good 'fit' of the sets for both of us. " - HH Ottawa [November 2015]

"I have been using the new driver that you made me for a couple of months now, and I'm writing to let you know that I don't like it - I love it. Golf is a whole new experience when played from the middle of the fairway. " - BA Ottawa [November 2015]

"In late September I had a hole-in-one at the White Sands Golf Course, on the #2 hole using the KZG HPS 7 iron you made for me. The clubs and your advice have made a huge difference in my enjoyment of the game. Thanks again. " - CQ Ottawa [October 2015]

" I've played two rounds with my new clubs and love them! Hitting my 5 wood and hybrids much higher without loss of distance. Able to reach and hold on elevated greens with my hybrids. Shot 40 on Outaouais' East course yesterday. Looking forward to going down South and really "calibrating" the clubs for distance. Will be fun! Thanks again." - MG Ottawa [October 2015]

"Don, I just finished a golf game about an hour ago and I thought I would let you know about the clubs I purchased from you. As you know, you fitted me out for the GF2 fairway woods and I picked them up on May 8th. Well, I have played 12 games with them and I must say I am extremely pleased with them. I have found that I seem to have more confidence in them. I believe that this is due to having a shorter shaft and an oversize grip, required because of arthritis. I would not hesitate for one second in referring your service to anyone looking for high quality golf clubs at what I believe is a reasonable cost. " - LC Ottawa [May 2015]

"The clubs are great. Played three games since I picked up the clubs Normal for me is 100-110 This weekend -- Consistent 92 on two and 94 on one course. " - SA Ottawa [May 2015]

" You asked that I get back to you after using the new driver for a bit. I find it great! I'm starting to get a bit more distance with it, although not consistent (not the driver, but me). I don't notice the weights anymore and sometimes wonder if it wouldn't even be better with a bit more weight. It really has a nice feel and is working great for me. " - PS Ottawa [May 2015]

"I am really pleased with the set of irons you made for me last summer. My short game has really improved. I have ball marks to fix now! " - BE Ottawa [May 2015]

" Today I played 18 holes and the irons were great. They felt comfortable, I was hitting with ease and my direction and consistency was very good. Thanks so much for my custom made irons." LB Ottawa [April 2015]

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