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  • USGTF Certified Teaching Professional
  • Video feedback on any swing
  • TrackMan Swing Analysis statistics
  • Full swing, short game, putting
  • Please call (613) 592-0524 to schedule
  • 40 minute lesson - $50
  • Video Analysis - $39
  • Trackman Swing Analysis (1 hour) - $69
  • Discount available when purchasing clubs
  • Keep the swing mechanics as simple as possible.
  • Focus on the parts in the student's swing that are being done well and reinforce.
  • Identify shortcomings in the student's swing and recommend changes that can be made that will be most effective.
  • Give the student a practice methodology. Hitting ball after ball after ball is exercise, not practice.
  • Integrate Trackman Launch Monitor feedback. Trackman is able to capture parameters of the swing that cannot be picked up visually. It immediately shows how a change in the swing impacts the outcome.
  • Incorporate video analysis. Using video analysis helps the student see what needs to be improved.
If you need immediate assistance during our annual leave then we are pleased to refer you to Warren's Total Golf    
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