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KZG Utility Clubs

KZG offers golf clubs designed for different skill levels and for different performance results.

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H370 Tour

  • Extremely Hot Cup Face
  • Designed for the Avid Player
  • Minimal Offset


  • Very Forgiving - Easy to hit
  • High Ball Flight
  • Progressive Offset


  • Designed for avid players
  • maraging face insert
  • maximum customization

HSS Plus

  • Easy to hit
  • Ultimate in customization
  • Two weight portals

MIURA Utility Clubs

Hand crafted forged irons by Katsuhiro Miura. His quest for perfection never stops.

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PP Neo

  • FWS (Floating Weight Structure)
  • Unique head shape
  • Bold multi black design

HB3 and HB4

  • Adopts a blade-like face design
  • Uses a Circle Cut Sole
  • Has an ideal balance of height


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