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What's New

We re-opened on Thursday February 8 and look forward to seeing you.

KZG has introduced the LDI irons. They are designed specifically for golfers who want greater distance with optimal forgiveness. The LDI features an inset of forged 17-4 stainless steel with a micro-milled face and laser cut scorelines. The rebound off the face is exceptional, giving record breaking distance. The larger clubhead is a real confidence builder. The wider and heavier sole offers stability and aids in getting the ball launched. The deep perimeter weighting assures the ultimate forgiveness.

The LDI irons are available in RH and LH from #4-9 PW, AW, and SW. They can be purchased in any configuration or in singles.

KZG has also added the VC-460 to their driver line. It is based on the very popular VC-420 model, which was designed for the competitive player and offers the lowest spin rate they have ever tested in a driver. By popular demand, they now offer the VC-460, which is much more forgiving and will appeal to a wider range of golfers.

The VC-460 offers just about everything a golfer is looking for: outstanding distance, solid sound and feel, plus forgiveness.

As with all KZG drivers, there is no adjustable hosel. Their worldwide network of elite fitters, coupled with professional teachers are unanimous, if you want your swing in a groove, clubs should be properly fit to each golfer and the specifications maintained, not changed.

The VC-460 is a very sophisticated clubhead, as the body is vacuum cast titanium for superior durability. The sound, feel and performance are solid. The entire head has been designed to produce a very low spin rate, which produces a lower trajectory, resulting in great carry distance and greater roll. The VC-460 is available in both RH and LH.

The newest wedge in the KZG line is the RSG. The RSG Wedges feature a classic profile with a standard grind. These wedges are engineered with a slightly softened leading edge to preclude digging and a relieved trailing edge for shot versatility.

The RSG is best suited for those playing in softer conditions. The relieved trailing edge aids the golfer in adapting to more mid to firm courses. Traveling or tournament golfers who play in a myriad of course conditions, will find the RSG Wedge gives them the versatility they need to accommodate various conditions.

The micro-milled face and laser cut scorelines assure increased spin rates from all lies and in all conditions. Every RSG Wedge is heat treated to give a “Feel of Forged” without the cost of a forged clubhead. They are beautifully balanced for consistent performance.

The RSG Wedges are available in a soft satin finish with a wide range of lofts and bounce options.

True Temper:

Rifle is back!!! The iconic fitting line of shafts is back and is ONLY available through True Temper Performance Fitting Centers (PFC accounts) and, this line of shafts will only be available through professional clubfitters. This is another exclusive shaft we can offer as a True Temper PFC Dealer.


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